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BYRON CENTER, MICHIGAN. NOW ACCEPTING CONSIGNMENTS!! On this auction we will be selling a wide variety of Firearms and Gun related items! Items will include: Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Muzzle Loaders, Hunting Guns, Sporting Guns, Competition Guns, Collectible Guns and much more! Don't miss the opportunity to purchase the guns that you have been looking to add to your collection or to meet your hunting/sporting needs! If you are interested in selling any of your firearms or gun related items in one of our regularly scheduled firearms auctions please contact Darren at 616-432-6640 for more details! Deadline for consigning your items will be no later than Monday the week before the auction. Due to strict federal regulation all guns must be sold and picked up through our facility. If you would like to have guns shipped, as opposed to picking them up in person, then guns can only be shipped to licensed gun dealer. If you would like to ship from one of our facilities to the other, there will be a $15 shipping fee for the first gun shipped and an extra $5 fee for each additional gun shipped on the same auction.
Contact: SSL Corporation Office Phone: 616-432-6640 Manager: Darren Phone: 616-826-5996
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General Information: Responsibility: Firearms are Dangerous. By purchasing though this auction you agree to follow the manufactures safety instructions and to only use the firearms in a safe manner in an approved area for a legal purpose. You are assuming all responsibility for the legality of a specific item when you purchase it. You are responsible for checking all local laws before bidding on or using an item sold here. You are responsible for complying with all firearms laws in your area. Items posted as RESERVE NOT MET will not sell unless reserve is met. As soon as reserve is met, the status will change to Reserve Met - Now Selling Absolute. Please note that all bids placed prior to meeting reserve will be accepted at the FULL AMOUNT of bid. This differs from items that sell without a posted reserve status. Once reserve is met, bids placed will only advance from competing bids in the increment posted. You must be at least 18 years of age or older to bid and at least 21 years old for handgun purchased in Michigan.